About Us

AlteroSMART Solutions is a power system automation research and development company. We advance novel measurement technologies and technological computing algorithms for power systems monitoring and control, including both power generating and grid equipment. We propose an innovative approach to the computational models of power systems, introducing adaptive parameters and characteristics of electrical equipment. We offer software solutions for automatic control and situational awareness.

Research, development and consulting

Our developments are based on direct measurements of the instantaneous values of current and voltage, angular velocity and synchronous machines load angle. Measurements are obtained at high resolution and synchronized by astronomical time using GPS technology on the basis of the state-of-art multifunctional digital devices designed for receiving and processing the telemetric data (IED – Intellectual Electronic Device).


We combine the innovative approaches to computing and primary measurements processing algorithms on the level of substation or power plant-installed IEDs with algorithms and methods at SCADA/EMS/DMS/NMS/GMS [Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, Energy Management System, Distribution Management System, Network Management System, Generation Management System] levels.


Our solutions ensure the increased observability of power facilities and power grid equipment as well as operational monitoring and control. These are essential for implementing a high-tech, efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly power system – SMART Power System. The set of technologies employed includes a widely-applied SMART Grid and SMART Generation solutions.




Our team has the ability to undertake a wide range of projects from research and modeling up to hardware and software solutions development, implementation and support. Our scientists, experts and engineers have up to 35 years of experience in power system automation solutions.