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IT infrastructure operations management. Authentication, Authorization, Auditing for Network Equipment.


The solution addresses the challenge of active network systems administrators’ workstation automation: it provides a unified environment for operating various vendors’ equipment - Avaya, Cisco, Huawei, Juniper, Qtech, Extreme, etc.

  • Clear and intuitive access rights management for groups and roles.

  • The system automatically acquires and stores the equipment configurations, all events are logged. 

  • Network equipment access authorization under Radius and Tacacs+ protocols.

  • Authentication through Microsoft AD or LDAP integration.

  • Local authentication available.

  • Analytical reports for event logs and equipment configuration change history.

3ANE target customer is an enterprise, which:

  • uses multiple-vendor network infrastructure,

  • employs more than one network administrator,

  • is spatially distributed,

  • poses strict requirements to downtime in case of network equipment failure,

  • maintains high information security.

  • ​использующих оборудование разных производителей

Events audit is an administrative service on-board feature. In addition to its self-contained log sink, it supports analysis results transfer to an enterprise information security system.

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