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Flexible solution for operational and predictive energy management of residential and commercial objects and compounds.

Relevant for:

  • Commercial property - office buildings and retail shopping malls 

  • Administration and municipal buildings - hospitals, schools, etc.

  • Infrastructure - railway stations, airports

  • Distributed objects - retail, cafe, restaurant chains, gas stations, etc.

  • Technological clusters

  • Apartment complexes

AlteroBMS provides

Intelligent monitoring

  • Integrated monitoring interface (electricity, heat, cold and hot water, air, natural gas, etc.)

  • Simultaneous multiple objects monitoring capability 

  • Acquisition of temperature, vibration, CO2, etc. to ensure predictive analytics and indirect measurements

  • Integration with third-party data providers: weather forecasting, actual and forecasted energy market data, utilities data, billing, transaction platforms, etc.

  • Emergencies, faults, abnormal conditions alarming

  • Suppliers’ bills verification


  • Automatic/automated planning of efficient energy consumption:

    • off-hours consumption restriction

    • auxiliary systems consumption restriction in case primary systems are out of service

  • Automatic/automated planning of power system operation in order to minimize energy supply costs:

    • multi-rate tariffs energy costs decrease

    • ancillary services income

  • Outer grid energy supply tariff selection planning:

    • costs minimization for month/season/year based on statistical and forecasted data

    • O&M planning optimization:

    • equipment remaining lifetime evaluation

    • restoration costs decrease


  • State and operation of:

    • HVAC and utility systems

    • distributed energy resources:

      • energy storage systems

      • own (back-up) generation

      • renewable energy sources

  • Operations and Maintenance:

    • planned maintenance announcing

    • equipment and systems lifetime expiry alarming

AlteroBMS distinctive features

AlteroBMS provides full range of monitoring, planning, and management applications in accordance with predefined KPIs:

  • Reliability

    • Power quality management

    • Equipment wear and maintenance requirements warning

  • Security

    • Predictive analysis of consumption trends

    • Information security assurance

  • Economy

    • Energy costs minimization (even with no overall consumption decrease)

    • Ancillary services income maximization

    • Service staff man-hours economy 

  • Energy efficiency

    • Energy consumption decrease

    • Energy losses decrease

    • Energy management transparency assurance

  • Environment friendliness

    • Full utilization of RES-generated energy

    • Decarbonization


  • IIoT sensors and controllers level (of own design with other vendors’ solutions support). The level covers data acquisition and endpoint equipment control:

    • boilers / heaters

    • air conditioning systems

    • ventilation systems

    • energy storage systems

    • renewable energy sources

    • back-up generation (e.g., diesel-driven generator set)

    • IoT sensors (energy, current, voltage, pressure, consumption, temperature, CO2, etc.) of various consumers

    • metering systems

  • EDGE level. Sensors and controllers interaction using standard protocols (Modbus, MQTT, AMQP, KNX, etc.), data aggregation and batch transfer to the upper level, control strategy reception and implementation

  • On-premise / Cloud level. A set of subsystems responsible for intelligent monitoring, planning and predictive management of energy resources.


AlteroBMS comprises AlteroUniversal platform subsystems along with the additional functional subsystems:

  • Customers’ demand and renewables output forecasting

  • Multi-criterion optimization of equipment operation and maintenance

  • Automatic equipment control considering its restrictions and properties

AlteroBMS is based on the AlteroUniversal IIoT-platform.

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