Blackout Prevention System


The main aims of the Blackout Prevention System (BPS) are preventing the blackouts and minimizing the damage. BPS allows observing the forecasting conditions of a power system on a real-time basis.


BPS telemetry data collection and processing subsystem provides real-time data collection from different sources (PMU, RTU - SCADA, DFR and other IEDs) with high performance (hundreds of thousands measurements per second), scalability and fault-tolerance cluster capabilities.


Low-frequency oscillation monitoring and source determining subsystem of the BPS is based on the time-synchronized phasor measurements. It provides new set of power system condition parameters and equipment state parameters. 


In most of cases the source of the power system oscillations are synchronous machines. The oscillations may be damped or amplified by different types of controllers. The oscillation frequency is usually 0.1-3 Hz. 


The heavy and amplified oscillations are dangerous for power system stability. They spread through the whole power system and interconnections over long distances. An important problem is to determining which the generators has wrong controller settings. 


LFO monitoring system functions


  • LFO detection (frequency, amplitude, phase and damping analysis)

  • Power system area detection where LFO are spreading

  • Power system area detection with in-phase and antiphase oscillations

  • Generators detection which are the source or amplifier of LFO

  • Analysis of generators LFO damping role

  • LFO power and energy calculations 

  • LFO spread visualization 


The following set of additional new subsystems could be shipped in nearest future:


  • State estimation algorithms, contingency analysis and "N-1" disturbances modeling provide the computation of control actions that could be sent to Special Protection Scheme (SPS) equipment (or Remedial Action Scheme - RAS) equipment at power plants and transformer substations.

  • Innovate Synchronous generators governors system off-line optimization


The new ADAPTIVE to real time conditions power system control automation is provided. It increases power supply reliability and power system survivability level.


At the same time BPS could be used as the control centers' operators REAL-TIME monitoring, Wide Area Situational Awareness (WASA) and Decision Making Assistant system.


Based on AlteroSMART WAMPAC Framework