Node load model


The method has been developed for defining the load nodes response based on the measurements of power system state parameters during disturbances.


The substance of the method is polynomial fitting of active and reactive power curves with the polynomials corresponding to the models employed within steady-state and transient calculation and analysis software.


The proposed method does not require frequency nor voltage constancy in time during the period under consideration. The developed approaches and algorithms provide obtaining static and dynamic response of load nodes as polynomial functional connection. The configuration of polynomial and power-law relations are relevant to the ones applied within modern software complexes designed for steady-state and transient calculation and analysis (Eurostag).


Generation and computation of the nodes’ loads provides by solution of the next task:

  • Nodes’ loads cyclic computations with telemetry, AMI or other data in real-time.

  • Nodes’ loads balancing by energy and power.

  • Gathering statistical data about nodes’ loads in long term periods.

  • Improving of data consistency about nodes’ loads’ by nonlinear connection method and statistical methods.

  • Generation of nodes’ loads forecast (short term, operational “for 1 hour”).