The IIoT platform. Multipurpose framework for data acquisition, processing, storage and visualization. Variable-scale deployment - from data centers and control rooms to industrial and household objects. Implements secure, fault-tolerant, scalable, cloud-ready framework for 4th-gen SCADA solutions.


Energy industry-specific products family. Comprises data acquisition, processing and storage complemented with a range of specialized components implementing the functions of equipment monitoring and control for power plants, substations and transmission lines.



Powerful solution ensuring the MiniGrid distribution-connected operation for both electricity in-feed and output within a predefined power range.



Flexible solution for operational and predictive energy management of residential and commercial objects and compounds.


IT infrastructure operations monitoring and control. Integrated solution for active network equipment administrators workspace automation. Provides unified environment for multi-vendor equipment management.


Business Process Management System. Addresses the challenges of business processes automation based on the uniform organizational and executive documentation system.