POWERLINK - Wide Area Measurement, Protection and Control Framework


AlteroSMART PowerLink is the set of components which provides fast, easy and effective way to design and implementation of SaaS and PaaS solutions for industry automation data processing, process monitoring and control. 


Industry automation devices and systems produce the giant amount of data for every second. Most of those data get lost and disappear. Many important things still be unnoticed. 


Nowaday technologies lead us to take a glance at industry equipment with much more details. We collect more measurements with improved quality and we have the tools to analyse it. New possibilities make new monitoring and control methods and approaches actual.


AlteroSMART Solutions has developed specialized framework for realization the real-time data collection from different industry automation sources (sensors, PMU, RTU - SCADA, DFR and other “Intelligent Electronic Devices” - IEDs) with high performance (hundreds thousands of measurements per second), scalability and fault-tolerance cluster capabilities.


The systems built on PowerLink are ready collect continuously streaming time series data from critical control, monitoring and smart devices and then archives this data using an advanced storage and compression technology.


There are the set of components to organize the data gathering, storage, processing, visualization and redistribution.

All components are SaaS compatible. All these things are integral components of Smart Grids, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings and other IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

IIoT ready, presents The Operations, Information and Application Domains of IIC IIRA.


PowerLink provides:


  • IoT and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) ready technology: multi stream technology (unlimited data streams simultaneously) - simultaneous multisource data gathering 

  • High performance (more than 100 000 tags, sample rate is 50-200 measurements per second for each tag)

  • BigData: Cluster solution (from 2 up to  65535 servers) - scalable, high performance and fault tolerance


Data exchange adaptors and connectors (input and output)