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Powerful solution ensuring the MiniGrid distribution-connected operation for both electricity in-feed and output within a predefined power range.


Guarantees reliable connection between distributed energy resources (DER) and distribution grids.

MiniGrid is a self-balancing energy cell with various-type generation, consumption and storage.


The control system ensures automatic MiniGrid separation into balanced islands with the subsequent re-synchronization of fault-free ones. The separation is performed quicker than regular automatic emergency control operation in order to protect the generating equipment and preserve uninterrupted supply within fault-free sections of MiniGrid.


AlteroSmartGrid ensures

  • Energy supply reliability increase for both distribution grid customers and MiniGrid customers through the implementation of two-way feed (local power plant and outer grid)

  • Power plant reliability improvement through the stabilization of generation operation in case of connected operation, and frequency maintenance

Technical effects for DER owners

  • Additional guaranteed energy supply - distribution grid

  • Own back-up and frequency control costs drop

  • Operations and maintenance costs decrease driven by steady generation operation (grid-connected)

  • Faults localization and automatic restoration

  • Circuit breakers lifetime increase due to the outer grid fault current in-feed trip

  • Automatic generation-consumption balancing, including turning generating units on and off

  • Installed generation capacity utilization factor improvement

  • Fuel efficiency improvement due to CHP decreased fuel consumption for heating

Technical effects for Distribution System Operators

  • Peak shaving

  • Electricity losses drop due to DER utilization

  • Power quality and supply reliability improvement through DER utilization

  • Equipment lifetime increase driven by load leveling


Economical effects for DER owners

  • Own back-up and frequency control costs drop

  • CHP heat energy share increase, leading to fuel consumption optimization

  • Power and capacity off-system sales income

  • Ancillary services income (voltage control, demand response, etc.)

Economical effects for Distribution System Operators

  • Electricity transport increase through connecting islanded MiniGrid customers

  • SAIDI and SAIFI improvement

  • Capability of connecting customers requiring two-way feed

  • Opportunity to purchase electricity from DER to compensate for losses for a below-market price


AlteroSmartGrid was tested using electrodynamic simulators. One of the DSOs has approved the AlteroSmartGrid-empowered grid connection of a CHP providing energy supply for a 50-thousand-tenant residential cluster.

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