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We implement new measurement approaches and innovative algorithms for processing primary measurements at the IED level (located at the substation or power plant). This mathematical tools provide the basis for the development and implementation of next-generation protections and automatics, significantly improving the economic efficiency of electrical equipment.

The basis of our solutions is the use of instantaneous current and voltage measurements from power equipment of substations and power plants, angular velocity and load angles of synchronous machines, obtained with high discreteness and astronomical time synchronised.

Performed tasks:
  • ​Power systems operation monitoring and control

  • Power systems equipment technical condition monitoring

  • Power supply systems design for large consumers

  • SmartGrid design, monitoring and control

  • Digital Twin systems development


Industrial & Manufacturing

In industry our products and competences can be useful in the spheres of industry energy supply, digitalisation and process automation.

Performed tasks:

  • Monitoring of power supply systems and the technological equipment

  • Design and automation of smart grids. Cost-optimised integration of small and distributed generation into the public power grid

  • Integrated representation of technological and economical processes over the entire life cycle of an industrial product - from planning to implementation

  • Development of Automated Training Systems (ATS) simulating the main physical and economic parameters of the technological systems and equipment

  • Creation of a uniform digital enterprise environment ("digital plant")

  • Monitoring the electrical equipment technical condition including generating equipment



Among our products are those that allow you to maintain and develop the digital infrastructure of business and production.

Performed tasks:

  • IT infrastructure operation monitoring and control

  • Communication networks and channels fault identification

  • Faults root-cause analysis

  • Business process and systems availability monitoring

  • Business process management automation

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