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Our solutions ensure the increased observability of power facilities and power grids as well as operational monitoring, which is fundamental for implementing a high-tech, efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly power system – SMART Power System.


We provide the full coverage solution for substations, power plants and control centers automation.


Our cloud-ready real-time high performance framework components are designed for a broad range of tasks related to industrial automation complexes (Smart Grids and other Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions).


Equivalent circuit parameters

Technique of defining the power transmission lines equivalent circuit parameters based on phasor measurements

Estimating the instatntaneous values of the state parameters 

Utilizing the measurements of highest sampling rate to define the accurate instantaneous values of the state parameters during electromechanical transients

Adaptive synchronous generators model

Parameters of an adaptive synchronous generator model are determined by measuring parameters of its electric mode and load angle.

Instantaneous power 

Defining the instantaneous active and reactive power of alternating current during electromechanical transients for the purpose of investigating the dynamic processes taking place in power system.

Synchronizing power


Methods of determining the synchronizing power and energy of the synchronous generators during the low-frequency oscillations

Equipment monitoring and diagnostics system

  • Ensuring supply reliability

  • Equipment condition baselining

  • Failures diagnostics

  • Condition change forecast

  • Risk assessment and consequences evaluation

  • Required measures formulation

  • Maintenance and development optimization

  • Efficiency increase

Wide area monitoring, protection and control system

  • Electromechanical oscillations monitoring

  • Real-time stability analysis

  • Advanced response to challenge ensuring the system reliability and security

  • Aimed at preventing the system blackout, instability, voltage or frequency collapse

  • Guarantees minimum load shedding and the overall damage by utilizing the automatic generation and consumption control