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AlteroUniversal platform appears to be a highly versatile and robust IIoT platform that offers a wide range of features and capabilities for data acquisition, processing, storage, and visualization - SCADA 4th Generation. 


Its distributed microservice-based architecture, unlimited scalability, and cluster-based fault-tolerance make it well-suited for large-scale industrial applications, while its support for open-source-based components development and hybrid multi-vendor cloud deployment allows for flexibility and customization. 

An integrated WAMS solution addressing the challenge of phasor data (PMU) handling either on-site or at centralized control rooms. Moreover, it provides data ingestion from various sources including 3rd party SCADA, DFRs, meters, and other IEDs.

Energy Storage System (ESS) integration, monitoring and control. Cloud based solution (private or public) to optimise ESS usage with power peak load Implement of peak shaving algorithms (decreasing power coast)

Integrated solution for real-time data acquisition, processing, visualization, and long-term storage. Implements the 4th generation SCADA concept, providing the decentralized environment for algorithms execution.

Powerful solution ensuring the MiniGrid distribution-connected operation for both electricity in-feed and output within a predefined power range.

Building management system. Flexible solution for operational and predictive energy management of residential and commercial objects and compounds.

Elevating equipment monitoring system.​

AlteroDigitalPlant is an intelligent information production system, a consolidated software suite capable to build up the basis of an enterprise digital environment.

Software product addressing the challenge of analyzing key parameters of a transformer through digital model-based monitoring of its electrical and heat operation conditions.

Integrated solution addressing the challenge of synchronous generators (SG) technical condition and performance monitoring.

IT infrastructure operations monitoring and control. Integrated solution for active network equipment administrators workspace automation. Provides unified environment for multi-vendor equipment management.

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