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Versatile IIoT platform delivering multipurpose framework for data acquisition, processing, storage and visualization. Provides variable-scale deployment - from data centers and control rooms to industrial and household objects. Implements secure, fault-tolerant, scalable, cloud-ready environment for 4th-gen SCADA solutions.

AlteroUniversal IIoT platform appears to be a comprehensive and versatile solution for data acquisition, processing, storage, and visualization in industrial automation systems. 


Its distributed microservice-based architecture, unlimited scalability, and cluster-based fault-tolerance make it a reliable and secure platform for processing large volumes of data. 


The platform supports for big data capabilities, machine learning techniques, and hybrid multi-vendor cloud deployment also make it a flexible and adaptable solution for various implementation specifics. 


The patented architecture adds an extra layer of protection and innovation to the platform. Overall, the AlteroUniversal IIoT platform seems to be a robust and reliable solution for industrial automation systems.

With the advancement of technology, AlteroUniversal based systems has emerged, providing even more benefits to the industry. 


AlteroUnivesras offers improved data processing capabilities. It can handle large amounts of data in real-time, allowing for more accurate and timely decision-making. This is particularly important in industries where even a small delay in decision-making can result in significant losses.


AlteroUniversal based systems are highly customizable. They can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different industries and even individual companies. This means that companies can choose the features and functions that are most relevant to their operations, resulting in a more efficient and effective system.


AlteroUniversal based systems are highly secure. They use advanced encryption and authentication methods to protect against cyber threats. This is particularly important in industries where the consequences of a cyber attack can be catastrophic.


AlteroUniversal based systems are highly scalable. They can be easily expanded to accommodate the growth of a company or changes in its operations. This means that companies can invest in a system that will continue to meet their needs for years to come.


AlteroUniversal based systems offer improved connectivity. They can integrate with other systems and devices, such as sensors and IoT devices, to provide a more comprehensive view of operations. This allows for better monitoring and control of industrial processes.


The implementation of AlteroUniversal based systems in industrial settings offers numerous benefits, including improved data processing capabilities, customization, security, scalability, and connectivity. As technology continues to advance, it is likely that systems will become even more sophisticated, providing even greater benefits to the industry.

Platform features:

  • Distributed microservice-based architecture

  • Unlimited scalability through parallel computing

  • Cluster-based fault-tolerance 

  • Big Data capabilities for processing various data structures and volumes

  • Open-source-based components development

  • Hybrid multi-vendor cloud deployment support

  • Fog/Edge computing paradigm implementation capability

  • SoC device support

  • Module-based architecture enables replacing the key components with the alternatives depending upon implementation specifics

  • Patented architecture (United States Patent No. 10,838,836 B1)

Platform comprises the following subsystems:

  • Data ingestion and transmission (protocols and data exchange adapters, distributed storage structure)

  • Data pre-processing (data quality assurance, real-time calculations, etc.)

  • Data exchange (in-memory grid, high speed data access)

  • Long-term storage

  • Applied analytics (BI + BigData)

  • Data and information models import/export

  • Application management for data processing and visualization

  • Visualization

  • Self-monitoring and self-diagnostics

AlteroUniversal provides unlimited scalability of processing and storage capacity, enabling the creation of fault-tolerant and disaster-tolerant Big Data solutions.

The platform is patented (US Patent No. 10,838,836 B1)

Intertwined with Intelligent IIoT Controllers network, AlteroUniversal platform allows to both create powerful spatially-distributed monitoring and control systems and address some specific automation problems. All AlteroUniversal components are developed based on the open-source software and provide vertical and horizontal scalability and high availability level.

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