Versatile IIoT platform delivering multipurpose framework for data acquisition, processing, storage and visualization. Provides variable-scale deployment - from data centers and control rooms to industrial and household objects. Implements secure, fault-tolerant, scalable, cloud-ready environment for 4th-gen SCADA solutions.


Developed as a basis for industry automation system based on equipment/enterprise digital twin technology, including big data and machine learning techniques.

Platform features:

  • Distributed microservice-based architecture

  • Unlimited scalability through parallel computing

  • Cluster-based fault-tolerance 

  • Big Data capabilities for processing various data structures and volumes

  • Open-source-based components development

  • Hybrid multi-vendor cloud deployment support

  • Fog/Edge computing paradigm implementation capability

  • SoC device support

  • Module-based architecture enables replacing the key components with the alternatives depending upon implementation specifics

  • Patented architecture (United States Patent No. 10,838,836 B1)

Platform comprises the following subsystems:

  • Data ingestion and transmission (protocols and data exchange adapters, distributed storage structure)

  • Data pre-processing (data quality assurance, real-time calculations, etc.)

  • Data exchange (in-memory grid, high speed data access)

  • Long-term storage

  • Applied analytics (BI + BigData)

  • Data and information models import/export

  • Application management for data processing and visualization

  • Visualization

  • Self-monitoring and self-diagnostics

AlteroUniversal provides unlimited scalability of processing and storage capacity, enabling the creation of fault-tolerant and disaster-tolerant Big Data solutions.

The platform is patented (US Patent No. 10,838,836 B1)

Intertwined with Intelligent IIoT Controllers network, AlteroUniversal platform allows to both create powerful spatially-distributed monitoring and control systems and address some specific automation problems. All AlteroUniversal components are developed based on the open-source software and provide vertical and horizontal scalability and high availability level.