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Altero Phasor Data Concentrator (AlteroPDC) is a WAMS integrated solution addressing the challenge of phasor data handling (PMU) either on-site or at centralized control rooms. Moreover, it provides data ingestion from various sources including 3rd party SCADA, DFRs, meters, and other IEDs. AlteroPDC brings advanced technologies of data analysis, storage, and visualization to power grids monitoring systems.

The implementation of Wide Area Monitoring Systems (WAMS), Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs), and Phasor Data Concentrators (PDCs) in the power industry has revolutionized the way we manage and operate our power grids. These technologies have brought about significant improvements in the reliability, efficiency, and security of our power systems.

WAMS is a system that monitors the power grid over a wide area, using synchronized measurements from PMUs. PMUs are devices that measure the voltage, current, and frequency of the power grid at a high speed and with high accuracy. PDCs use the data from WAMS and PMUs to control the power system in real-time, making adjustments to maintain stability and prevent blackouts.


One of the main benefits of WAMS, PMUs, and PDCs is their ability to detect and respond to power system disturbances quickly. With synchronized measurements from PMUs, WAMS can detect disturbances in real-time and alert PDCs to take action. PDCs can then make adjustments to the power system, such as changing the output of generators or adjusting the flow of power on transmission lines, to prevent the disturbance from causing a blackout.


Another benefit of these technologies is their ability to improve the efficiency of the power system. By monitoring the power grid in real-time, PDCs can optimize the operation of generators and transmission lines, reducing the amount of energy lost during transmission and improving the overall efficiency of the system.


WAMS, PMUs, and PDCs also enhance the security of the power system. With real-time monitoring and control, these technologies can detect and respond to cyber-attacks and physical attacks on the power grid. They can also prevent cascading failures, where a small disturbance in one part of the power system can cause a chain reaction of failures that lead to a blackout.


The implementation of WAMS, PMUs, and PDCs in the power industry has brought about significant improvements in the reliability, efficiency, and security of our power systems. These technologies have revolutionized the way we manage and operate our power grids, and they will continue to play a critical role in the future of the power industry.

AlteroPDC basic functions

  • Data intake/transfer fully compliant with:

    • IEEE C37.118 standards family

    • IEC 60870-5-104 standard

    • IEEE/IEC C37.111 (COMTRADE)

  • Data quality assurance

  • Measurement system monitoring

  • Data archiving

  • Data aggregation

  • Additional computations

  • Event detection for advanced control coordination

  • Operation conditions monitoring/alerting (LFO, unbalance, operational limits, etc.)

AlteroPDC competitive advantages

  • Based on AlteroUniversal data management platform

  • Highly scalable performance (~100 PMUs per server – regular desktop PC)

  • Flexible data visualization

  • Early alarming, adjustable reports

  • Edge-based scalable architecture with distributed data management

  • Built using big data, machine learning, and IoT technologies

AlteroPDC is built on AlteroUniversal IIoT-platform.

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