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​Software product addressing the challenge of analyzing key parameters of a transformer through digital model-based monitoring of its electrical and heat operation conditions.

The solution provides

  • Acquisition and processing of synchrophasor measurements for the operation conditions and the parameters of a transformer using iCon

  • Evaluation of remaining life in order to manage the lifecycle of key components of a transformer without using high-cost diagnostic tools

  • Decrease implementation and maintenance costs of digital substation projects

  • Long-term decrease of the prime cost through the accumulation and aggregated analysis of operation statistics

  • Increase the added value and product appeal without significant sales price (for equipment manufacturers)

  • Decrease the risks of unjustified complain reports (for equipment manufacturers)


Functional model

  • Electrical operation parameters monitoring subsystem

  • Heat operation parameters monitoring subsystem

  • Analytical transformer diagnostics subsystem

AlteroTransformer is based on the AlteroUniversal IIoT-platform.

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