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Integrated solution addressing the challenge of synchronous generators (SG) technical condition and performance monitoring.

Major features

  • Basic characteristics analysis during operation

  • Equivalent circuit parameters evaluation and change monitoring

  • Unbalanced operation - voltage- and current-wise - monitoring and possible cause analysis



  • Detection of technical condition changes through continuous baseline-related parameters monitoring and reduced intervals of characteristics evaluation

  • Feasibility of exposing failures earlier and inspection/maintenance/repair scheduling

  • Technical condition forecasting for a generator lifetime prediction through the analysis of trends and patterns of particular parameters and characteristics changes


To address the challenge of a synchronous generator monitoring, its adaptive model is utilized, the parameters of which are continuously updated on-line using operation conditions measurements. The analysis methodology involves various types of initial data, including the equipment rated parameters, periodic testing results, streaming measurements data, etc. resulting in decreasing the frequency of a generator necessary shutting-off.

The disturbance-driven data analysis technique enables the evaluation of turbine and generator inertia, rated acceleration time, and others. These parameters obtained on-line can be used for equipment technical condition assessment, disturbance analysis and prediction, automatic control systems adjustment, etc. Moreover, the synchronous machine adaptive model can be further expanded to represent the composite load nodes and power system equivalents.

AlteroGenerator is based on the AlteroUniversal IIoT-platform.

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