Integrated solution for real-time data acquisition, processing, visualization, and long-term storage. AlteroSCADA ensures secure and reliable technological processes information handling and provides convenient human-machine interface for authorized personnel.


AlteroSCADA is based on AlteroUniversal platform and implements the 4th generation SCADA concept, providing the decentralized environment for algorithms execution.

AlteroSCADA major features

  • Acquisition, storage, and transfer of raw data from/to field devices

  • Emergency alerts detection and management

  • Long-term data storage and analysis (implemented through integration with various database management systems)

  • Highly-adaptable visualization based on linear plots, bar charts, etc.

  • Components health testing and self-diagnostics

  • Assisted implementation of software and information support for automatic technological processes control systems with no programming. Possibility to develop SCADA applications along with automated configuration and adjustment of controllers and intelligent field devices.

AlteroSCADA key advantages

  • High performance

  • Microservice-based architecture

  • Fault tolerance and scalability

  • Distributed deployment

  • Openness in communication with various intelligent equipment and technological subsystems as well as third-party solutions interfacing

  • Flexibly configurable graphical user interface (monitoring and control dashboards, alert timelines, event logs and user-customizable reports)



  • Advanced development stack: Golang, NodeJS, ReactJS

  • Leading-edge time-series DB ssupport: ClickHouse, InfluxDB, TimescaleDB

  • Flexible web-based user interface

  • Various communication protocols support: Profinet, Profibus, ModbusTCP, IEC 60870-5-104, C37.118, OPC UA, IEC 61850-8-1, etc.

  • Microservice-based architecture