AlteroSmart is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions provider for various industries and research and development company. Our experts are experienced in Big Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning methods, and Business Intelligence.


We focus on delivering the technological innovations aimed at increasing the enterprise-scale efficiency. 


Our major projects are for the electric power industry.


The company’s development portfolio includes unique algorithms and software tools for monitoring and managing power plants, electric grids and electric power systems.


We are working on the novel measurement technologies and algorithms for electric power systems monitoring and control, including both power generating and grid equipment. 


High-sampling and time-synchronized measurements from the IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Device) are subjected to operational processing using advanced algorithms that provide a significantly higher speed of identifying disturbances and generating signals for all types of protection and automation.


We combine innovative approaches to computational and primary measurement processing algorithms at the substation / power plant level with already established traditional algorithms and methods in SCADA and Energy/Transportation/Distribution/Generation Management Systems.


We also provide a wide range of services in the field of automating business processes and digital twins solutions for the digital enterprises of the future.